The name “Morton” was chosen for the stud and property name to commemorate the short life of John’s great uncle, Morton Reginald Sandland, who was killed at Kokoda, New Guinea in World War II.

The “Morton” Border Leicester Stud (flock no. 2656) was founded in 1959 with the purchase of 13 stud ewes of mainly “Crymelon” blood from the “Tatakeeper” dispersal.

In 2002, Morton joined Lambplan, as an aid to select superior Border Leicesters using the BORDER $ index.

“Morton” will continue to concentrate on producing early maturing Border Leicesters that have large frames and heavy medium wool fleeces and correct conformation.

“Morton” has shown successfully at the Adelaide Royal Show since 1973, at Perth from 1974 to 1984, and occasionally at Albury, Melbourne, Hamilton, Launceston, Bendigo, Dubbo and local shows.
Stud rams have been sold to five States and South Africa.

Extensive AI programs have been conducted annually using the best rams available in Australia and New Zealand. This includes high index rams, who are used to keep Morton abreast of the best Lambplan recorded flocks in Australia.


The Morton Poll Dorset Stud was founded in 1999 with the purchase of the complete drop of ewe lambs from the dispersal of Harvey Nolan’s “Woodend” Stud.

This was followed by the purchase of the complete “Brengool” Stud of Frank Brennan in April 2000.

Both studs were in Lambplan, and it will be continued at Morton.
Regular AI programs have used the best rams available in Australia and New Zealand.


The Morton flock is accredited free of Brucellosis and tested to MN3V status for Ovine Johne’s disease.

All sheep are vaccinated with 6 in 1 twice as lambs and annually thereafter.

All sheep are treated at weaning with a selenium and cobalt pellet.

We have had great success in reducing arthritis in lambs by using Zoetis Eryvac vaccine.


1. Drench all purchases with Ivomectin or Triton type drenches before release onto your pasture.

2. Vaccinate with 6 in 1 annually (If 6 in 1 is not normally used, the purchase of one pack is strongly suggested for your rams as many fatal diseases are covered by 6 in 1).

3. Feed all rams a ration of lupins for 6 weeks prior to mating.

4. Use extra nutritional care for young rams for their first year. (Remember Border Leicesters are only 13/14 months old at sale time – 4 months younger than terminal sires).

5. Keep new rams separate from older rams until after their first mating season.

6. Shear before summer. Provide shade.